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Dr. Tobias Kuhne

Chief Scientific Officer for the FitLine product line at PM-International, expert in nutritional medicine and sports medicine.

Dr. Marcus Iken

Manager Research and Science at PM-International, Doctor of ecotrophology, nutritional scientist, international speaker.

Professor Dr. Julian Weghuber

Professor in Molecular Cell Physiology and PI.

Dr. Howard Peiper

Doctor of naturopathic medicine and supplement formulation expert.

PD Dr. Peter van Hoogevest

Pharmacist; biochemist; Prof. in Pharmaceutical Technology.

Wilhelm Messer

Director of Product Development for the FitLine product line at PM-International.

Dr. Christoph Heuberger

Food engineer; Product Manager Dietetics at our manufacturer.

Dr. Jurgen Reimann

Sworn expert for definition of Pharmaceuticals, food and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Peter Pfortner

Attorney at law specializing in foodstuffs and cosmetics.

Dr. Raimund Abele

Head of Product Safety at PM-International.

Dr. Horst Schwietz

Chemist graduate; former Head of Product Development at our manufacturer.

Gunter Thoss

Director of the Administrative Board of PM-International AG, expert in marketing and sales

Horst Meinhardt

Developer of and expert in cosmetic formulations and process technology.

Katrin Seifarth

Management trainer, expert in marketing and brand development.

Anja Wunder

Director of the BeautyLine product line at PM-International.

Torsten Weber

Director Sports Marketing at PM-International.

Sabine Marrucho

Chief Marketing Officer at PM-International, expert in marketing and brand management.